Solar power project in Zambia

Zambia ‘s President Edgar Lungu directed the Industrial Development Corporation of Zambia (IDC) to target and develop at least 600 MW of solar power in the shortest possible time to redress the current power deficit the country is currently facing.

According to the statement released to the media by State House, the IDC yesterday signed a memorandum of understanding (MOU) with the International Finance Corporation (IFC), the investment wing of the World Bank Group, to develop an initial two 50MW solar photo-voltaics (PV) independent power projects in Zambia.

The projects would be Zambia’s first utility scale PV projects, providing competitively-priced, clean power that would reduce Zambia’s dependence on hydro resources and diversify the energy supply mix.

The Head of State, who is the Board Chairman of the IDC, says new power projects are required to address the energy problems affecting Zambia. Poor rainfall over the past year has resulted in a national power generation deficit of about 560 MW.

The IDC, working with the IFC, therefore anticipates that the proposed solar power projects, with a combined initial target capacity of 100MW, will represent the first of several development rounds, leading to the rapid deployment of up-to 600MW of solar power in Zambia.

The proposed projects would be situated on separate sites and developed by different private sector sponsors, based on open and transparent selection. The projects will involve Zambian participation in their ownership structures. The commercial structure is expected to follow IFC’s recently-launched Scaling Solar initiative ( Scaling Solar is an innovative World Bank Group packaged solution that enables the rapid roll-out of utility-scale PV power plants across sub-Saharan Africa at locally competitive prices.

The President has reiterated Government’s resolve to address the current hydropower shortages, caused by low rainfall by active promotion of increased use of renewable energy technologies.

The IDC, an initiative of the late President Michael Sata, is an investment company wholly owned by the Government of Zambia and was incorporated in early 2014. The mandate of the IDC is to play a catalytic role in deepening and supporting Zambia’s industrialization capacity in order to support job creation and domestic wealth formation across all key economic sectors. The IDC plays its role through evaluation, pricing and lowering of investment risk profile by serving as co-investor alongside private sector investors and facilitating provision and raising of long term finance for projects. Simultaneously the IDC serves as an investment holding company for State Owned Enterprises and new investments and ultimately generates earnings for the proposed Zambia Sovereign Wealth Fund.

And IFC, a member of the World Bank Group, is the largest global development institution focused exclusively on the private sector. Working with private enterprises in about 100 countries, we use our capital, expertise, and influence to help eliminate extreme poverty and boost shared prosperity.

Preliminary and unaudited data for the fiscal year ending Jun 30 indicate that IFC’s long-term
investments totaled about $17.6 billion, including funds mobilized from other investors. That marked a 16 percent increase over FY14. IFC made about $10.5 billion in long-term investments for its own account and mobilized about $7 billion from other investors. These investments supported more than 400 projects across the world. For more information, visit

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What do we live for? making money,have a lot of property,children??? So for those who cannot have anything in this world what is that one lives for? is life unfair or is it just time,opportunity and availability? Who and what determines outcomes in ones life?

In Light of Recent Events

Do not judge, just love your neighbor.


gay marriageThis is the text of the sermon I preached on Sunday, June 28, setting aside my summer sermon series to address a number of recent events in our nation.  I publish it here by request:

On Thursday Christy and I drove from Richmond, Virginia, to Niagara Falls, Ontario, which means that we waited in line to cross the Rainbow Bridge to the Canadian side of the border. I don’t know why. You can see the falls from the American side. But we love international travel, and it only cost $3.50 to cross the bridge, so we did it. And, besides, we had reservations at a bed and breakfast on the Canadian side. To avoid roaming charges we switched our phones to “airplane mode” and spent a blissful sixteen hours ignoring the news. When we crossed back over the next day it seemed that everything had changed. Christy sat in the…

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Too Dark for “Dope”

I grew up disliking light skinned girls because there were seen to be beauriful than their dark skinned counterparts.


Brown and dark skinned girls exist. There’s actually quite a few of us.

I’m actually really mad that I have to make this blog post, because I’m actually really excited to see this movie. But damn it if the trailer didn’t have one GLARING flaw (there were actually many, but I’m only focusing on the most blatant this time around).

So there I was a few months back, scrolling Tumblr and wasting the day away, when I came across the teaser for a new movie. It was produced by Pharrell Williams (who I have my own Qualms with–but he produced the second season of my favorite YouTube series “ABG,” so I was curious), and starred an entirely black cast. Dope, a movie set to release on June 16th, 2015, is the story of a trio of high schoolers who attend a drug dealer’s party and accidentally leave with his inventory…

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9 Sure-fire Tips to Expand Your Mind!

Can do and will do!

Sit Back and Starve

Life is too short to be content with commonplace ideas and philosophies society bombards us with. What use is being called Homo sapiens, “the thinking man,” if we refrain from using every bit of time we have left to enhance our meditating faculties? So in the interest of the purely rational mind and for the sake of posterity, we have compiled a list of intellectual tasks and mental exercises you can perform to expand your mind:

1. Start reading serious books. — Stephen Hawking didn’t become Stephen Hawking by reading Spider-Man, and Ayn Rand didn’t come up with Objectivism by immersing herself in sleazy romance novels! Chuck out every non-serious, fun, and emotional book or reading material you have in your shelves and start collecting those leather-bound tome-like ones without any pictures. If the font is smaller than size 8, that’s a good sign you’re in the right direction. Burn…

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Just don’t do it


language: a feminist guide

This week everyone’s been talking about an article in the Economist explaining how men’s use of language undermines their authority. According to the author, a senior manager at Microsoft, men have a bad habit of punctuating everything they say with sentence adverbs like ‘actually’, ‘obviously’, ‘seriously’ and ‘frankly’. This verbal tic makes them sound like pompous bullshitters, so that people switch off and stop listening to what they’re saying. If they want to be successful, this is something men need to address.

OK, people haven’t been talking about that article—mainly because I made it up. No one writes articles telling men how they’re damaging their career prospects by using the wrong words. With women, on the other hand, it’s a regular occurrence. This post was inspired by a case in point: a piece published last month in Business Insider, in which a former Google executive named Ellen Petry Leanse…

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Zambia’s power deficit

Following the recently experienced poor rain season in zambia, a number of things have been affected,top of the list is crop harvest, hydro power generation and even the weather is affected. Apparently this year we wont have winter,it seems what we are currently experiencing is spring. I wont ne surprised if summer comes in december because it means we may have the first rainfalls late january.well all this is just mare assumption because really everything is just so unpredictible.
What surprises is that we have a collection many educated zambians who when put in one room can actually forecast and recomend actions to central government. First of all we need to re-allign the political system and detach parastatal business from political interference. We have a power utility company in the country that has the capability of investing in other forms of energy such as thermal,wind and nuclear power. It would be sad to learn that the national power utility company has not been saving up money or has borrowed extensively to the point that they cant borrow any more.
The problem that i have with our learned population is that there is too much talk and no action. If people are not given a platform to be heard there is other ways like publishing suggestions with illustrations and budgets in the media, members of parliament and civil society. There is too much politicking amonst ourselves. We love to talk and do very little action. Where are our engineers,geologists,economists and business planners? Zambia is not benefiting from the education investment the government has in the country. We all wait for the government to act, we all wait to be in government in order to contribute. Not every can be politicians but we can all be of use to our country, we can render selfless service without expecting monitory gains. In the end we only have ourselves to blame for the power shortfalls in our country. I once lived in a house which had an inventer installed,i could not have electricity off the national grid for 10 hours but i would not be affected. So from here we see that it comes from an individual level,when one invests in property they can as well budget for a genset,solar or inveter. We cant always be making noise and complaining when we have answers and solutions in our palms. Lets be a people of action, we can only move the country forward with action.